The Institute of Certified Management Accountant (ICMA) of Australia is a growing organization with a vision to attain the status of a premier body of professionals practicing the science of management accounting. The Institute was incorporated in 1996 under the patronage of Mr. William Dix (former Chairman of Ford and Qantas) and Professor John Miller (former Director of Consumer Affairs, Chairman of Pannell, Kerr, Foster and holder of numerous senior academic positions). Its objectives are to provide a professional organization for management accountants, and to encourage, disseminate and promote the specialization in organizations in Australia. Similar specialist bodies have been operating in most English-speaking developed countries, e.g. USA, UK and Canada.

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) program from Australia is provided in various countries in MENA region.
HBS for training & Certification (ICMA recognised provider institution in MENA region) is offering ICMA Programs in key countries of the region, and is planning to expand into others.

We help CMAs build careers through our learning programs. We offer individuals an opportunity to earn the CMA designation that is globally recognized. We also provide employers the financial knowledge, problem-solving skills, and professional approach that only CMAs can bring to the job.